World War 2

WWII Japanese aircraft bomber
United States soldiers sawing firewood for the Columboola camp, Queensland, 1944
1942 U.S. Army kitchen in an Australian bush camp. One cook turns rissoles on the gas stove and the other turn the grinder affixed to the wooden, kitchen table
The search for bomb fragments after an unsuccessful raid on Townsville on 27 July 1942
Soldier sitting behind a machine gun, Townsville, 1942
Remains of a Japanese Zero Fighter aeroplane, shot down by the U.S. Air Force, on display in a Brisbane march, July 1943
Practising for armed warfare in the trenches, Yeppoon, ca. 1943
October 1942, Papua. A Japanese prisoner with malaria captured near Nauro, being cared for by Australian stretcher bearers
Loading bombs onto the back of a truck at Columboola Ammunition Depot, Queensland, ca. 1943
A Japanese Battleship
Japanese prisoners of war at work in the docks at Singapore moving concrete blocks Singapore 1945
Japanese prisoners of war arriving at Brisbane, ca. 1944
Japanese pow in camp
Japanese Knee Mortar Soldiers during the Zhejiang Campaign, 1942
Japanese Soldiers marching
Japanese Tanks driving along deadly traps
Japanese Knee Mortar
General Yamamura handing over his samurai sword to Australian Brigadier Eastwick as a symbol of surrender.
Garbutt Airfield Townsville, July 1942
Captures Japanese flags
B.C.O.F. Officers at Sukiyaki Party Japan 1946
Australian Infantry, Bougainville 1944
26th Battalion Memorial Chapel in Rabaul, New Guinea that was later destroyed by volcanic action

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