Boer War

British telegrapher sending a message
John Robinson Brightened
Orange Freestate Map
Nordenfeld Machine Gun 1900
Map of Southern Africa showing British Colonies and the Boer Republics
Horse driven Ambulance
Soldiers who partpicated in the Battle of Elands Rivers
Boer Soldiers
Australian Soldiers departing for the Boer War
Disembarking horses
Troops in Capetown 1899
Colonel Fredick Willam Toll
Captured Weapons 1900
Burgher Camp 1901
British Observation Ballon
Blacskmiths shoeing horses 1900
A sketch of the Battle of Elands River
Australian Contingent 1902
Methuen’s Infantry storming kopje at Gras Pan 1901
Uniform wore by Australian during the Boer War
Queensland Mounted Infantry bound for South Africa
Encampment on the Evedt 1901
Allied soldiers in the Orange River entrenchment 1900
Australian troops 1900

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