World War 1

Captured Turkish troops
A Turkish gun captured when the Anzac Mounted Division took control of Jemmameh.
Turkish guns captured at Wadi Fara gorge
Turkish guns captured at Magdhaba Palestine
Trench periscope being used on the Western-Front
Trench Mortar being used at Gallipoli
The Australian Light Horse on the Move Across the Desert
Picture of the Australian 11th Battalion sitting on the Great Pyramid of Giza. Taken on January 10 1915
The 26th Battalion on the road on their way to the front-line. One of the soldiers is on horseback
Soldiers of the 2nd Australian Light Horse Regiment behind the front line barricades at Nalin during the war against the Ottoman Empire, Palestine, 17th January, 1918
Soldiers in a trench using a periscope rifle, Gallipoli Turkey 1915
Soldiers demonstrating the Periscoperifle
Periscope rifle being setup in Gallipoli
Officers of the 1st-Garrison Battery Townsville
Men of the 2nd Australian Division using a periscope in a front line trench Croix du Bac near Armentieres
Men of the 1st Australian Light Horse Brigade watering their horses at Esdud in Palestine on 1st September 1918.
Men of an Australian and New Zealand Army Corps ANZAC battalion of the Imperial Camel Corps Brigade at Ludd, 1918
Men from 11th Australian Machine Gun Company during the Battle of Polygon Wood, 26 September 1917
Members of the 41st Battalion march through the streets of Brisbane prior to their embarkation
Machine gunners of the 4th Australian Division Garter Point Ypres Belgium 27 September 1917
Lone Pine
lee enfield with persicope attached
Horse water trough in the desert
Map of Gallipoli
Group portrait of the 11th Machine Gun Company at Locre, 19 January 1918
Great Britain Advance in Palestine Imperial Camel Corps just outside Beersheba
German blockhouse captured by Australian soldiers at the Battle of Polygon Wood, 26 September 1917
Flanders in the Autumn of 1917
Bowen Light Horse outside the Dalrymple Street Railway Station
Australian troops walk along duckboards through the remains of Chateau Wood, Third Battle of Ypres
Australian soldiers mainly from the 2nd and 3rd Battalions in a Turkish trench captured during the Battle of Lone Pine August 1915
Australian pioneers build a plank road to bring up supplies Polygon Wood area, 26 September 1917
Australian gunners loading a howitzer gun in Ypres, September 1917
Australian infantry wearing Small Box Respirators SBR. The soldiers are from the 45th Battalion Australian 4th Division at Garter Point near Zonnebeke Ypres sector, 27 September 1917
Australian artillery in action near Zonnebeke October 1917
Australian troops in Egypt
An Australian trooper of the Imperial Camel Corps, August 1916
An Australian trench at Messines Ridge
An Australian ration carrying party at a blockhouse near Polygon Wood, 26 September 1917
An Australian Light Horse unit raising dust on the move in the Jordan Valley Palestine ca. 1917
An Australian feeding an exhausted mule on the road at Fricourt, 1916
Aerial Photograph Turkish Defenses near the Road to Jerusalem Hurley
A Regiment of the Australian Light Horse on the march near Jerusalem in Palestine
Australian members of the Imperial Camel Corps near Jaffa in Palestine prepare to mount
Parts of the6th Battalion landing at Anzac Cove

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