Vietnam War

A well defended Fire Support Base, 1969
Australians patrol near the village of Tan Phu, near Bien Hoa Air Base in Vietnam, 1966
A newly contructed firebase
An ariel view of a Fire Support Base
Trenches being dugged
The aftermath of a bombing, 1965
An Australian soldier mans a machine gun at FSB Coral, May 1968
Fire support base
Hills of Vietnam
A napalm strike erupts in a fireball near U.S. troops on patrol in South Vietnam, 1966 during the Vietnam War
81mm mortars shell used in Vietnam
Troops being shipped off to Vietnam
The Coral fire support base
Soldiers getting ready to be picked up
A controlled explosion
Troops coming out of APC
Agent Orange being sprayed to kill the vegetation and making it difficult for Viet Congs to hide in.
A helicopter equiped with sprays
Australian soldiers prepare for evacuation

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